Frequently asked questions about Taxi services

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How many people fit in the cab?
There are places in our taxis up to 6 Travellers, fulfilling all legal regulations with vehicles authorized by the Generalitat Catalan. Although today there are taxis with potential capacity to accommodate more people (as MPVs), It is not legally authorized to carry more than 6.

How much luggage can get into the taxi?
Approximately in our fleet cars can fit three large suitcases plus cabin. The transfer of the luggage is free.

If I have a baby, Can I have a seat for him?
Yes, but you will have to ask for making a reservation by phone where this need is specified.

Are taxis are available twenty four hours a day?
Yes, for example you can book a taxi by phone for three in the morning without any problem in calling hours.

How do I know my reservation was successful?
Once completed booking form will be sent an email confirming that your reservation has been discharged correctly.

Is it permissible to travel with pets?
Yes. This must travel with an adapted transportin. You never go loose inside the vehicle.

Can I pay with card?
With us you can pay by card YES, and we accept payment by Master Card, Visa o 4B. In other companies they do not always have this option enabled.

Is it possible to make a last minute booking?
Yes, with 45 minutes before at least. This type of reservation is subject to vehicle availability at the time.